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No More Motorcycle Lockout Concerns: Facing issues with your motorcycle lock? Our Motorcycle Locksmiths in Auckland are here to assist you. With their expertise and specialized tools, they ensure a seamless solution regardless of your location.

Motorcycle Locksmith Services: Expert solutions for all your lock and key needs.

Welcome to Shuki Locksmith, your trusted partner for all your motorbike locksmith needs. As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in delivering dependable services that cater specifically to the motorbike community. 

Our Range of Services:

Key Cloning:

Shuki Locksmith specialises in cloning both Master and Non-Master keys swiftly and reliably. With our efficient process, most keys can be copied within just 5 minutes while you wait, offering you a cost-effective solution for your key duplication needs.

Red Key Replacement (Master Key):

Replacing your red key or master key can be both costly and time-consuming when ordered from the manufacturer. However, at Shuki Locksmith, we offer a fraction of the cost and significantly shorter turnaround time for creating a new red key for your motorcycle, ensuring you’re back on the road in no time.

Remote ECU Reprogramming:

No matter where you are, whether locally in Auckland, or even overseas, Shuki Locksmith is here to assist you with your motorcycle locksmith issues. Our remote ECU reprogramming service allows you to send us your ECU, which we will reprogram along with the keys and return to you promptly. Our satisfied clients span from Tahiti to Central Africa, demonstrating our commitment to delivering top-notch services worldwide.

Motorcycle Key Replacement for Peace of Mind:

We understand the anxiety that comes with stolen or lost motorcycle keys. That’s why our programming services include resetting your ECU and recoding your transponder key, rendering your old key unusable and ensuring the security of your beloved motorcycle.

Motorcycle Locksmith Services for Dealers:

Shuki Locksmith works closely with motorcycle dealerships, offering a range of locksmith services tailored to their needs. From retrieving broken keys to reprogramming ECUs, we are fully equipped to handle any locksmith-related issue efficiently. Inquire about our dealer discounts today.

Ensure you're never caught without a spare set of Motorcycle keys!

Why Choose Shuki Locksmiths:

Unlike other providers who may overcharge for key replacement and ECU reprogramming, Shuki Locksmiths prioritise cost-effectiveness and efficiency. With our extensive experience and specialised tools, we can quickly extract key registry data, program new master keys, and decode mechanical keys, saving you time and money.

Our Mobile Motorcycle Locksmith Service:

For customers within the Auckland Metro area, our mobile motorcycle locksmith service brings convenience to your doorstep. Simply fill out our online form with your location, and our skilled locksmith will program your motorcycle key on-site while you wait.

At Shuki Locksmith, we understand the frustration of lost or stolen motorcycle keys, and we are dedicated to getting you back on the road as soon as possible with our professional and reliable services. Trust us for all your motorbike locksmith needs.

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